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Absolute Discharge vs Conditional Discharge – Canada

People facing criminal charges in British Columbia already understand that they can be facing potentially life changing consequences.  One common approach to mitigating the impact of criminal charges is a discharge. A discharge is a particular type of sentence you can receive either upon being found guilty or pleading guilty. It may be that the [...]

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What Is A Firearm Prohibition Order?

If you've been charged with a weapons offense in British Columbia, you probably have many questions about what comes next, legally speaking. Any time that you've been arrested and charged with a crime, you have the right to representation from a criminal defense attorney.  At Jaswal & Krueger Criminal Defence Lawyers, we always encourage our [...]

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What Is Consent In Sexual Assault Cases?

If you've been charged with sexual assault, you're probably overwhelmed, nervous, and angry. Both men and women can be accused of this serious crime. Sexual assault, as defined by the  Canadian Criminal code, is sexual contact without consent.  When your attorney constructs your defense, the question of consent will likely arise. In this blog post, [...]

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