What the clients of Sicotte & Sandhu Criminal Defence Lawyers are saying

I was charged with a crime

“I was charged with a crime when I was simply in the area to pick up my ex-boyfriend. I retained Josh and he was able to convince the prosecutor to drop the charges against me. The experience of being charged with a crime was very stressful but Josh was able to put me at ease and take care of the whole thing without me even needing to attend court.”

– K.H.

Thank you…and I mean that sincerely

“I was wrongly charged of assault when I was separating from my ex-husband. I did not know what to do and because of my job I could not afford a criminal record. Getting charged and facing the court process was an incredibly horrific experience. Time was my enemy at the beginning, but turned out to be my friend in the end. Josh guided me through this situation with a professional, calm, and honest approach. I appreciate all of that…even though at times it was extremely difficult to hear. Josh explained our strategy, helped me though the entire process and ultimately got the Crown to drop the charges against me. Thank you…and I mean that sincerely. I feel like I can breathe again. I still have a fight ahead of me, but these criminal charges was my Mt Everest.”

– M.M.

Call This Man

“If you, a loved one, or anyone you care about is questioned, charged, or arrested for a crime, CALL THIS MAN. Mr. Sicotte excels at cutting through the clutter of statements and evidence to not only find the vantage point most beneficial to his client, but to also communicate the elements most critical to a positive outcome persuasively to Crown Counsel and the Judge.

When needing the services of a criminal defense lawyer, I requested a referral from the two lawyers that had represented my ex and I during divorce proceedings, one from Richmond, the other from Maple Ridge. One suggested Craig Sicotte – and so did the other! Recognition like that in the legal community is probably hard-fought and well-earned.

You will find Mr. Sicotte, his associates, and the representatives in his office to be respectful and welcoming, professional and responsive, and you can feel confident putting your trust there. His rates are affordable enough to make access to his representation within reach of the average family, and his office accepts credit cards which makes it even more so.

To ensure the best representation towards a positive outcome for yourself, your family, or your friends, I feel strongly you’ll be making the right choice by obtaining Craig Sicotte as your counsel.

Best wishes for you and yours during this overwhelmingly stressful and tumultuous time.”

– V.H.

Strongly Recommended

“I drove from Southern California to the Canadian border in Washington to work on a very important project for a top 10 Canadian firm, but the customs agents denied my entry because they stated that I was intoxicated. They made me blow a device approximately 10 times, impounded my car for 30 days and seized my USA driver’s license. So there I was, totally helpless, with no car, clothes (they were in my car) or driver’s license. I had to walk myself out of the border to a nearby hotel.

I do not know anybody in Canada, so I decided to look up for a lawyer to help me get back my car and my driver’s license, and, thank God, I found Craig Sicotte. He helped me get my car back; his knowledge of the law in this matter was superb; he won the appeal; and I did not have to pay any fees or charges to me for over a thousand dollars. My car was supposed to be impounded for 30+ days, and he awesomely got my car back in 7 days and with no penalties or charges to pay.

I am so glad I found such an intelligent, professional and efficient lawyer who helped me tremendously with this issue. I strongly recommend Craig and his firm to anyone in the world to resolve criminal or any related matters. He and his firm definitely get things done fast!

Thank you very much, Craig!

Best regards,”

– M.R.

Honest and Prompt

“I was being charged with an assault charge and was facing a criminal record that would cause me to lose my career and would ruin my life. I retained Craig Sicotte as my lawyer after careful review on the internet and referrals by other lawyers for Mr. Sicotte. Craig was upfront, very knowledgeable and listened to my entire story and understood exactly what was going on. He was always available when I called him and always gave honest and prompt answers.

Craig is very professional, and he always kept me up to date as to what was going on with the case, which lowered my stress level significantly.

I highly recommend Craig Sicotte as he is very professional and considered probably one of the best lawyers in B.C.”

– A.B.

Reassured Me throughout the Process

“Craig Sicotte helped my teenage son get out of a really bad situation without pleading guilty and without having a record attached to his name. This was very important to me because a record would follow him for the rest of his life. Mr. Sicotte was very reassuring and made the entire process easier to handle.

I hope you never need a criminal attorney, but if you do, I totally recommend Craig Sicotte.”

– M.K.

Looking Out for My Best Interests

“I was being charged with 2 DUI charges, facing a criminal record, possibly a $2000-$5000 fine and a yearlong driving suspension, on top of the punishment I had already received by the superintendent of motor vehicles. I retained Craig Sicotte as my lawyer after being told by a lawyer I previously retained that I did “not stand a fighting chance” of getting out of the criminal record. Upon our first meeting, I immediately felt Craig was committed to my case and was looking out for my best interests and goal of reaching a realistic, fair and manageable solution with the Crown. After just over a month of dealing with the prosecution, Craig was able to negotiate punishment to be a $500 fine, 3 month driving suspension and no criminal record.

Craig is very professional, and he always kept me up to date as to what was going on with the case, which lowered my stress level significantly.

I highly recommend Craig Sicotte to represent anyone who has made a mistake and requires legal representation by someone who knows exactly what they are doing.”

– C.D.

Excellent Firm

“I would like to thank you guys and Anita for your efforts put towards my case. I’ve been recommending you to whoever is in need of an excellent lawyer and firm.”

– J. Guy

Best Lawyer

” Erik is the best lawyer anyone could have. Not only is he a confident excellent lawyer; he’s friendly easy to communicate with and his professionalism is definitely his strong suit. Everyone wants a lawyer you can depend on. Erik gained my trust with honesty letting me know wats up at our first appointment and not ever letting me down through to our last appointment. If your here to win. So is Erik. Thank you for your dedication and success….”

Helpful & Understanding

“I would like to thank you guys for all the time and effort you put towards my case. I was very impressed with your helpfulness and understanding. I love you guys! Your team did a terrific job. You are definitely a 10 out of 10! I would recommend you to anyone needing your services.”

– T.B.

I highly recommend him

“I recently needed a Criminal Defence Lawyer, because I made some very bad choices and got myself into a terrible situation. I was arrested and charged with Theft under $5000 (Theft from employer). I was 37 years old at the time and I had no previous criminal record. I was totally lost and unsure how to proceed. I thought to myself “well I’ll just go in to court and plead guilty right off the bat because I cannot afford a lawyer and I already admitted that I did what I was being accused of to both my employer and the arresting officer” and then on my first appearance at court I find out that I am indeed facing jail time! I was so scared. After that I looked into free legal aid but I was told that I didn’t qualify which really made me panic and then I began to loose all hope. I started thinking about jail and how I won’t be able to handle it.
Thank goodness I came to my senses and actually applied for free legal aid, and I qualified as well. So I was set up with Joshua Krueger, at Sicotte & Sandhu in Surrey.
My goodness, everything changed right then and there, he gave me honesty and above all else, hope ! He was very professional and very knowledgeable, and after only one visit we had a plan in place with a few options depending on what the outcome at each stage was. Let me tell you that the outcome was even better than our “best-case-scenario “ Thanks to Josh I ended up not getting any jail time, I was put through the Alternative Measures Program where I had a Probation Officer who made me write an apology letter to my former employer, I had to verbally admit to the crime, and do 30 hours of Community Service, and the charges were dropped. (No Criminal Record) Josh went to all my court dates on my behalf so that I didn’t have to take time off of work (a new job of course). Josh was very private and of course everything was confidential, I couldn’t have been happier with Josh as a lawyer and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a Criminal Defence Lawyer!!!”

– R.D.

Masterful Communication

“If anyone can attest to ‘all lawyers not being created equal,’ it would be me. Having been professionally employed in the capacity of a senior litigation paralegal in B.C. for 22 years, I have witnessed the abilities and style of practice of literally hundreds of lawyers. Recently, I had the need to retain criminal counsel for my son, a disabled/brain-injured adult who had fallen into criminal offence as a result of a psychotic break. I chose Craig Sicotte to represent my son. Craig balanced all difficulties with patience and poise, and managed to communicate masterfully with Crown Counsel, authorities, my son and me. He never failed to respond in a timely manner to my frequent inquiries and remained pleasant, friendly and highly professional throughout. I am grateful to Mr. Sicotte for a job significantly well done. I am impressed with his easygoing style of communication with Crown Counsel, other lawyers, Judges and Registry staff, while maintaining a semblance of firm determination and professionalism. I would recommend Craig Sicotte to anyone in any calling of life as qualified, thorough and dependable legal counsel. He can be trusted to communicate effectively on various levels and to provide the most effective legal representation possible.”

– S.W., Litigation Paralegal

Steady, Yet Calming

“I was falsely accused of committing a very serious crime and, being a 20 year-old university student on the verge of graduation, receiving the phone call from the RCMP (let alone the entire situation) nearly derailed my entire life and caused my family a great deal of grief. However, as soon as Craig got involved, my situation improved dramatically. Craig was a steady, yet calming presence for my family when they needed it most. He was willing to answer any and all questions and always answered our questions honestly and whole-heartedly, whether the answer was what we wanted to hear or not. He was readily available via phone or email, which was immensely appreciated. All in all, my family and I will forever remember Craig’s dedication to my case and his constant effort in proving my innocence.”

– J.S.

Recommend without Hesitation

“I would like to thank Craig for representing me in my review for IRP. For me, it was like winning the lottery when he called to tell me that we were successful in having it overturned. The possibility of not having my licence for the three months (or longer) and having my vehicle impounded for 30 days was very stressful and would have been very hard financially. I contacted Craig at the last minute and thank God I did. He was honest and did not give me false hope. Thank you, Craig. I believe you were God sent for me through this very hard time. Also, I would like to thank Anita. You were very helpful. I would recommend you without hesitation to anyone needing your services. Thank you!”

– P.S.

Took Care of Everything

“This being my first offence, I was scared out of my mind and totally unfamiliar with how to or what to do. Craig put me at ease knowing he would take care of everything. All I had to do was show up. With that being said, he also got me off with very minimal sentence that I was quite happy with.”

– L.F.

Ability & Resourcefulness

“Craig helped me immensely on a difficult case that I was faced with. Craig showed the ability and resourcefulness to see my case through and have the matter completely resolved. It’s one thing to know the true story in your own mind – it’s another to have someone like Craig take the appropriate measures to resolve it.”

– M.J.

Top Notch Job

“Craig Sicotte was recommended by a few people to us and I have to say, he did a top notch job. I would recommend Craig in a heartbeat.”

– C.S.

Informative & Upfront

“I was being charged with driving while prohibited. Not being in this type of legal matter before and not knowing what to do, I called Craig Sicotte and a couple other lawyers, but decided to use Craig. I found Craig to be very informative and upfront. I retained Craig, as he informed me of my options and possible outcomes right from the beginning. He suggested how we should proceed, as I didn’t really have any driving record. He suggested that we try and talk to the Crown and see if we could get off on a lesser charge of driving without a licence was Craig’s plan. Well, the plan went perfectly and with Craig’s expertise we were able to avoid a one year driving ban and $500 fine. Craig was able to negotiate and get the charge reduced to driving without a licence and $100 dollar fine. I was very happy with the outcome and would recommend Craig any time.”

– J.G.

Amazing Job

“Thanks for doing an amazing job! The result was like a dream – it was too good to be true.”

– D.T.

Thank You

“I would like to thank you Craig for representing me in court. I was referred to you by another client of yours. I presented you with my case, one I thought I had no chance of winning. You, on the other hand, felt I had a good case based on a breach of my rights… Turns out you were right. You presented my case to the court and backed it up with documentation from similar cases. The judge also agreed. I could not have asked for better representation. Thank you so much, Craig.”

– A.J.

Thanks for being there Aman.

“I had the privilege and pleasure to be guided by Aman Jaswal. He was very clear and professional from the start. He was not only extremely fair, but also experienced. He allowed me to get the best possible outcome and I would not hesitate recommend him to anyone. Thanks for being there Aman. “

– M.G.

Joshua is the man.

“He’s really the type of lawyer to go through every small detail that matters with precision and pick them apart to help win your case. He really does an exceptional job with communicating and comes off as very respectable, kind and smart. There’s nothing sly or shady about him, he’s genuinely a great guy and an even more amazing lawyer. He helped me win my IRP case I had, everything was scheduled properly and timely, picked apart, smooth and professional. I highly recommend as far as defence lawyers go that he is the one you call! Don’t make a mistake and go with anyone else. He will do the best he can with the circumstances you are given in your case to help you win.”

– Z.G.

Quick Result

“Definitely would recommend Craig Sicotte. Very professional and knowledgeable. Defended me in my case of a driving prohibition. He worked on my case right away and the decision made by the superintendent was successful and we won. Never have I seen a quick result as I did with Craig. He is great at what he does and helped me get through what I thought was going to be a rough time. Thanks, Craig!!”

– P.G.

It Could Happen to You

“My wife’s ex-husband made a sexual allegation against me during a custody dispute and the RCMP had a field day with it. It cost me my job, prohibited me from pursuing other opportunities in my field and it was the single worst experience of my life. Long story short, Craig helped me navigate through the legal minefield of sexual allegations. I was never charged, I got my job back, and my wife and I won custody of her daughter. Without Craig’s help, this absurd allegation of convenience could have easily blown up in my face with one false move. There was the definite possibility of our children being removed from our care, losing the custody case and a lifetime of humiliation for something that was simply untrue. Craig Sicotte is simply worth every penny. I cannot stress how much a difference a great lawyer makes. Not only will you find many of Craig’s former clients recommending him, you will find many of his peers think highly of him and recommend him as well.”

– Anonymous

Great Lawyer

“Craig is fantastic!! I was arrested last year for DUI. Not only did Craig find mistakes that the police made in my 90 day driving prohibition (which we beat because of that), but when it came down to the court date and sentencing, I didn’t get a criminal record and I didn’t lose my licence. I only had to pay a fine. For anyone that needs a GREAT lawyer, Craig Sicotte is the ONLY one to go to. Thank you, Craig, for pulling off the impossible and allowing me to continue to drive (and work).”

– D.O.

Helped My Family

“Craig has greatly helped my family and me lift a huge weight off our shoulders. He is professional, compassionate and hardworking. He kept fighting for my case and it paid off. I am confident Craig can handle any case with ease and he will fight with everything he can to help you win. Thank you, Craig!”

– N.S.

Always There

“Definitely would recommend Craig Sicotte. He was such great help to me, professional, knowledgeable and understanding. He was always there to answer my questions and explain things to me. He is great at what he does and helped me get through a rough time. Craig is the best!”

– E.K.

Honest & Reliable

“I recommend Craig Sicotte. He is one of the best lawyers you can get; he won me my case. He is a very honest and reliable individual, someone who knows how to do his job. I would recommend Craig Sicotte to everyone.”

– U.V.

Results at a Fair Price

“Craig was of great help and very understanding of my needs. He delivered and relieved a great weight from my family and me. If you need results at a fair price, Craig is the man.”

– K.R.

Very Proficient

“Craig is a true professional! He provided me with great legal advice and perspective from our first meeting. I retained Craig as he made me feel very comfortable. He was very proficient and returned calls within 10 minutes. I would highly recommend Craig to anyone.”

– D.A.

Amazing Outcome

“Thank you for your absolute professionalism, skill, integrity, and of course, SUCCESS in handling my impaired driving case. The outcome was amazing and I can’t thank you enough, not only for the things I’ve mentioned, but also for the way you and those in your office have treated me – with respect and kindness. I won’t hesitate to retain you for any future needs I may have and, of course, recommend you to other potential clients.”

– N.I.

Charges Dismissed

“Just a quick note of thanks. I was charged with Assault of a Police Officer and Obstruction. The Prosecution wanted some outrageous stuff, but I said ‘no’ to it all. I talked it over with Craig and he felt we had a good case. At the end of this, he was right. All charges were dismissed. Great job, Craig!”

– D.S.

Did a Good Job

“I needed a lawyer for a drinking and driving offence…and found Craig Sicotte. He got me off on a minimal offence. It could’ve been very bad. He did a good job!”

– B.G.

Skillful in Presenting the Case

“My son needed a lawyer for a drinking and driving offence…. [W]here do you find a good lawyer when you start looking in the yellow pages? Made a few phone calls and found Craig Sicotte. From the first meeting he appeared very professional, understanding and knowledgeable. By the time we went to court, he got my son’s criminal charges dropped to undue care and attention. Craig was very skillful in presenting the case before the judge and was able to have the three month driving prohibition dropped. We are extremely pleased with Craig’s skill and ability. I would recommend him to anyone who was looking for a criminal lawyer. Thanks, Craig!”

– L.B.

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