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Aman appreciates that being criminally charged for an offence is a daunting and stressful process, and the impact of a criminal conviction on his clients’ health, wellbeing, and employment. He is also acutely aware of the immigration consequences that come with a criminal conviction, which includes the risk of deportation. He takes all of these factors into consideration when representing his clients.

For nearly a decade now, he has been practising exclusively in criminal defence and has represented his clients at all levels of court in British Columbia. In 2015, he appeared before the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa for an appeal that clarified the law for a breathalyser refusal across Canada.

His experience at all levels of court in British Columbia and appearance in the Supreme Court of Canada have made him an effective advocate for his clients in the courtroom. This often means resolution of criminal matters at the outset of the proceedings, without having to take his clients through the stressful trial process.

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Criminal Defence

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Bachelor of Arts – University of British Columbia (2008)

Bachelor of Laws – University of Alberta (2011)

Aman Lawyer

Criminal Defence Specialist

Aman prides himself on being responsive and available to his clients after hours and on the weekends – this means access to his personal phone and not having to leave a voicemail on an answering service. He is reliable and explains the court process to his clients in a simple, straightforward and direct manner. Call him if you have been charged with a criminal offence and are looking for representation you can count on.

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