T.P. – 90 Day IRP Fail – April 2021


Robbery and Assault with a Weapon Driving prohibition revoked after we successfully argued that the Report to Superintendent filed by the officer was invalid due to it being sworn before the creation of the narrative and a Supplemental Report to Superintendent did not correct that error View all IRP/ADP Cases Experienced [...]

R. K. – 90 Day ADP Fail Judicial Review – November 2022


Robbery and Assault with a Weapon After an unsuccessful ADP hearing, we filed a petition in Supreme Court arguing that the Adjudicator’s decision was unreasonable due to several assumptions not supported by the facts. The Superintendent of Motor Vehicles conceded that our argument was overwhelming and so consented to our Judicial Review without a [...]

Sexual Assault and Sexual Interference


Your Content Goes Here Robbery and Assault with a Weapon Our client was charged with sexually touching a 10-year-old family friend. At trial the Crown introduced the video tapped statement of the complainant. We cross-examined her on that statement and her evidence at trial and demonstrated inconsistencies and the implausibility of her version [...]

Assault Causing Bodily Harm


Your Content Goes Here Robbery and Assault with a Weapon Our client was charged with assaulting a homeless person during an encounter at a convenience store. The complainant suffered non-trial injuries. Our client was a Permanent Resident who would face a deportation hearing if he received a conviction. At sentencing, crown counsel asked [...]


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