Can Drug Trafficking Charges Be Dropped?

Drug trafficking charges can be dropped if the right defence is used in your case. When it comes to the law, individuals have to be careful about what they say and when they say it, making it essential to have a lawyer to defend them against criminal charges. The Jaswal & Krueger criminal defence lawyers [...]

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What Happens When You Charge Someone with Assault?

In Canada, assault is a serious offence. When facing one or more assault charges, you could geta criminal record, face a substantial amount of jail time, or even a sex offender registration, depending on the case. That’s why when anyone is charged, whether it’s for a form of assault or another criminal offence, the first [...]

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How to Check My Driving Offences in British Columbia

Have your car insurance premiums increased? Can you remember exactly when that recent accident was? Any difficulty recalling how many demerit points you have left? When you need to consult your driving record, aka driver’s abstract, to view your driver’s licence history, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is where you can order a [...]

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How Can a Victim Drop Domestic Violence Charges?

In Canada, the police decide whether or not to make an arrest when they are called to investigate a situation involving domestic violence. They have the authority to detain and hold individuals. The victim of a domestic violence case does not, however, have the authority to drop the charges if they so choose. It is [...]

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