Have you noticed that Youtube commercial right before clicking Skip Ad? It shows a group of teens sitting around, with one boy tempting another to start vaping. It’s a message from the Government of Canada, reminding us that we aren’t fully aware of the risks that come with vaping.

With the coronavirus pandemic, we are seeing that vapers may be more vulnerable to the virus. 

Hospitalized New Yorker

On March 9th, the Mayor of New York mentioned that a 22-year-old man with the coronavirus was hospitalized but stable. At the time, they only knew that the man was a vaper, suggesting that vaping had made his condition worse.

Since the coronavirus affects the respiratory system, it is possible that vapers and smokers are at a greater risk of contracting the virus. In the same article that talks about the New Yorker, it states that studies on nicotine testing have shown that nicotine delays the body’s recovery when infected by influenza. Scientists believe that the same effects are likely in a human body infected by the coronavirus. However, vaping is still a new form of smoking, and scientists are continually researching its effects. 

What We Know About Vaping

Here are some facts that we know thus far:

  • Your heart rate increases with just a single puff of nicotine.
  • Using an e-cigarette increases your chances of having heart disease, angina, a stroke, and heart attacks.
  • When exposed to e-cigarette aerosol, teeth surfaces are more vulnerable to bacteria.
  • People under 25 are more at risk of altered brain development if they vape with nicotine.

According to Healthline, it will take at least 30 years for scientists to fully know the effects of e-cigarette ingredients on the human body.

group of people

Vaping Regulations in B.C.

Back in November 2019, British Columbia designed vaping regulations that were deemed the strictest in all of Canada. The province introduced a special tax on vape products, which includes e-cigarettes, vape pens, and cartridges. The regulations and tax were motivated to prevent youth vaping. The Canadian Cancer Society estimated that between 2017 and 2018, 74% more youths started vaping. 

In their attempt to dissuade young people from vaping, B.C.’s regulations are as follows:

  • Vape ads are restricted from public areas, such as parks and bus shelters.
  • Vape products are wrapped in plain packaging to reduce advertising.
  • Flavoured products will only be sold in age-restricted vape shops.
  • Some flavours are banned.

The province also adjusted the level of nicotine in their vape products to those of the U.K. and European Union since studies have shown lower rates of youths taking up vaping across the pond.

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