Is Impaired Driving a Provincial Offence?

Drugs or alcohol can impair a person’s ability to operate a vehicle, which endangers both the driver and anyone on the road, including pedestrians. In Canada, it continues to be the leading criminal cause of death and injury.  From fines to jail time to a licence suspension, there are many different sentences for driving offences, [...]

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Is it Worth Getting a Lawyer for a DUI Charge?

Being criminally charged for anything—from impaired driving to sexual assault—affects the rest of your life. Representing yourself instead of hiring legal representation is mostly likely not the best solution. Why hire legal counsel? They know the law backwards and forwards, which means they can use their expertise to act as your advocate in a way [...]

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The lawyers at Jaswal & Krueger Criminal Defence Lawyers will gladly defend against any criminal charges you, a family member or friend may be facing.

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