Why You Should Fight a BC Immediate Roadside Prohibition: Case Study and FAQ

Drivers in care or control of their vehicle who blow a blood-alcohol concentration reading (BAC) of .05 or higher face an Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP). With prohibitions lasting anywhere from three to 90 days, drivers face a litany of consequences that can affect their personal and professional lives. The following case study and set of [...]

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Why You Should Never Plead Guilty to an Assault: An Assault Charge Case Study

  Assault is one of the most common charges brought against citizens of British Columbia, and one that comes with serious repercussions. Harming another person for no reason is never acceptable; however, assault is an extremely complex charge. As we will see in this case study, an experienced legal team can help have your charges [...]

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Avoid Criminal Record from Vehicle Offence: Here’s How

A vehicle offence (such as a DUI) is a serious criminal charge, and comes with a set of equally serious penalties. Operating a vehicle over the legal limit or while prohibited is extraordinarily dangerous, and we in no way condone the act of driving under the influence. However, we also understand that police are often [...]

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Was Your Breathalyzer Test Fair?: Understanding the Residual Alcohol Defence

When an officer suspects a driver of driving over the legal alcohol limit, they will often administer a breathalyzer test to get a quick reading of the driver’s blood-alcohol content (BAC). However, for every advantage of this method there are equally as many flaws. As criminal defence attorneys in the Vancouver Area, we have seen [...]

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