Assault is one of the most common charges brought against citizens of British Columbia, and one that comes with serious repercussions. Harming another person for no reason is never acceptable; however, assault is an extremely complex charge. As we will see in this case study, an experienced legal team can help have your charges completely thrown out, so never plead guilty without consulting a lawyer first.

 Assault charges can range from Uttering Threats to Severe Assault with a Weapon or Causing Bodily Harm charges. A guilty verdict can carry a heavy sentence along with a criminal record that will affect your ability to find work, have access to an education, and travel abroad. In this case study, our client was charged with Assault with a Weapon, but our team of criminal defence attorneys was able to have the charges entirely dropped.

The Backstory

Our client was charged with assault after police were called by a complainant who alleged that our client had hit him on the nose and forehead with a cell phone and bit him on the side of the face. As we mentioned previously, assault is an extremely complex charge to levy and an even more difficult one to prove. For example, there is extreme nuance to each case. Take, for instance, these questions:

  • Was it in self-defence?
  • Was the claimant intoxicated?
  • Was the defendant protecting personal property?

It is up to a criminal defence attorney to raise these questions for you.

The Defence

 The criminal defence team at Jaswal & Kreuger set out to provide more information to the Crown. With new information in hand, the case was adjourned for three full months. From there, we set about showing our client’s good character and steps toward rehabilitation. This included reference letters from social workers and other respected individuals. With a staunch defence in place and evidence of steps toward personal betterment, the Crown decided to reconsider.

The Result

 With this new information in hand, the Crown finally agreed to drop the charges. The result was no trial, no criminal record, and no conditions. What many accused persons don’t realize is that the justice system might rather see you back on the right track rather than sentenced, but this must be proven by a criminal defence attorney.

Assault with a Weapon is a serious charge, and one that can carry a heavy sentence. If you’ve been charged with any type of assault, never plead guilty without consulting an attorney. This case study proves that our experienced assault defence attorneys in British Columbia know what it takes to defend your rights in a court of law.

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