Self-representation is never a smart choice when facing any sort of criminal charges. Not having an experienced and professional advocate by your side automatically places you at a disadvantage against the complex legal system. Your best bet is always to hire a criminal defence lawyer from a respected legal team such as Jaswal & Krueger Criminal Defence Lawyers

The services offered by a criminal defence team are indispensable to your case. Rather than trying to deal with the charges yourself, you can have a team of professionals behind you who are committed to finding the best possible outcome for your case. After evaluating the charges and the evidence, your lawyer can counsel you on the best course of action, whether that is defending your case or negotiating a beneficial plea deal.

The justice system is notoriously difficult to navigate on one’s own. Criminal lawyers carry out duties that a regular person would have a great deal of trouble carrying out or even starting. For example, they gather evidence, witness statements, review police reports, and search for discrepancies which may help your case. They review the way that your case was handled by the police and work to get your case dismissed if it was mishandled along the way.

If your case does go to trial, a good lawyer with the backing of a strong legal team will have the expertise to dispute evidence, challenge witnesses, and even prohibit certain pieces of evidence from being submitted at trial depending on how it was obtained. Having such knowledge and experience on your side is a must.

If you’re facing criminal charges down in the Lower Mainland or up north in the Peace River Regional District, then you’ll want the services of our legal team at Jaswal & Krueger Criminal Defence Lawyers. We are committed to getting the best outcome possible for our clients, and for taking the stress of navigating the legal system off your hands.

Contact Jaswal & Krueger today for a criminal defence lawyer in the Lower Mainland communities of Surrey, White Rock, Langley, Delta, or Abbotsford, or a criminal defence lawyer in the Peace River Regional District communities of Dawson Creek and Fort Saint John. Our legal team is here to provide you with a strong defence, no matter the charges.

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