When you are charged with a crime, you want a criminal defence lawyer that knows the law inside and out and can understand your unique circumstances. It is important to ask lawyers many questions to determine whether or not they’re right for you, so don’t be intimidated by them. Remember that it’s like a job interview where you get to make the decision to hire them. You want a lawyer that is experienced and right for your particular case.

The Jaswal & Krueger team will help you find a criminal defence lawyer that suits your needs!


Create a Budget

We automatically think that if a lawyer’s services are expensive then, they’re of excellent quality. This isn’t always the case. Additionally, don’t assume that their services will be outrageously expensive. Part of working with a good criminal lawyer is ascertaining what your needs are and how they can meet them. Lawyers have the capability of offering you affordable services.

In order for lawyers to be called to the bar in B.C., they need to go through on the job training called articling. Often, a firm might be able to have an articled student review your matter, under the supervision of a lawyer, to provide you with services at a reduced rate.This way, you will be able to afford them while receiving highly competent results and advice.

Speak with Family and Friends

Before jumping on your computer or phone to research “best criminal lawyer,” your family or friends may already know of one. It can be difficult to admit to your social circles that you need a criminal defence lawyer, but you may be surprised by how many people may have used a criminal defence lawyer on a prior occasion. For example, our lawyers at Jaswal & Krueger also assist with a number of driving matters, including letters and other correspondence with ICBC, the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles, and RoadSafetyBC. If someone you know is an “L” or “N” driver and received a speeding ticket, it is likely they may have consulted with a lawyer when ICBC sought to prohibit them from driving.

Even if no one in your social circles has consulted with a criminal defence lawyer before, you might at least have connections to another type of lawyer. Finding a good lawyer can often happen through speaking with another lawyer since they will have their ear to the ground of who’s who in the legal world. They will be able to better advise you about staying away from lawyers who look reputable on the internet, but aren’t in reality. Even if you know a lawyer and they don’t practice criminal law, they will be able to make an accurate assessment of a lawyer you’re considering for your case.

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Verify Credentials & Accomplishments

Whether you were referred to a criminal lawyer in Surrey or you researched them online, you’ll need to check that their credentials and accomplishments are real. You can ask your potential lawyer for referrals from their other clients.

Here are some essential questions to ask regarding their education and background:

  • What additional education do they have aside from their undergraduate and law degree? Additionally, do they have any honorary degrees? Have they been recognized by any law societies?
  • Are there any news reports mentioning them for a worthy endeavour?
  • Have they ever been interviewed by the media on the latest legal cases?
  • Do they possess any notable awards? If you’re in their office, look around because they’ll probably be displayed.

We encourage you to view our recent cases and testimonials!

Find a Lawyer Who Specializes in Your Type of Case

Once upon a time, a lawyer passed the bar and it was assumed that they could practice any law and work on all cases, from homicide to personal injury to corporate mergers. Today, lawyers are specialized to provide you the best quality service. Say you went to your general practitioner for an eye problem. They will, most likely, refer you to a medical specialist for eyes. It’s the same thing in the legal world. Make sure your lawyer specializes in criminal defence.

The Jaswal & Krueger law firm handles various types of cases in criminal law, including DUIs, assault, sex crimes, and traffic violations.


Let Us Handle Your Criminal Case

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, Jaswal & Krueger are happy to answer your emails, online form submissions, and phone calls during the COVID-19 lockdown. Contact us today!

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