Have you been charged with drug trafficking crimes in the Vancouver Area? If you hire an experienced drug trafficking defence team, there’s a chance your sentence can be severely limited or your case even thrown out. As this recent case study shows, our criminal defence attorneys in British Columbia have helped Canadians facing unfair persecution defend their rights in court and win.

Drug trafficking is a serious crime and one that we do not in any way condone. But, as criminal defence attorneys, we are sworn to uphold the rights that every Canadian is guaranteed.

This crime is made even more complex due to upcoming changes in Canadian law as it pertains to the possession, production, and distribution of marijuana.

In this case study, we examine the case of a client who was charged with serious drug trafficking crimes. Our team of criminal defence attorneys was able to have the case entirely thrown out.

The Backstory

Our client’s home was searched, and in it police found a wide range of drugs. The search was carried out pursuant to a warrant, and he was charged with possession of cocaine, heroin, meth, and ecstasy as well as many other drugs, all for the purpose of trafficking.

The Crown recommended a lengthy sentence in line with precedent. Many cases of this nature had ended with sentences of 5 years or more. Our client was in a difficult situation.

Our Legal Defence

Defending cases like this is not an easy task. There were many avenues we could have pursued to poke holes in the prosecution’s case; however, we decided to focus on our client’s rights on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the document that establishes how far the government can control a citizen’s personal life.

British Columbia’s legal system is notoriously slow—so much so that the federal government has had to take action. We raised a number of Charter arguments and, in the end, were able to have our client’s charges completely thrown out due to delays in the trial, which were so grievous that the judge agreed that the trial did not happen within a reasonable time.

From looking at a lengthy prison sentence to having his charges totally thrown out—that’s the power of an experienced defence team.

Changes in Canadian Drug Laws

The Liberal administration of Trudeau has announced the legalization of recreational cannabis, a drug that many British Columbians are accused of trafficking each year. This momentous occasion will surely curb the black market demand for the drug; however, trafficking marijuana outside of the legal market may still come with severe penalties. The government has sworn to uphold the current law until the new laws take effect and even then, the government has vowed that illegal movement of drugs will still be an issue that they are dedicated to stopping. It’s important for British Columbians to stay aware of all news and updates.

If you’ve been accused of drug trafficking and need a criminal defence team, our drug trafficking defence teams have helped Canadians like you defend their rights in court. Contact us today for your free consultation!

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