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When someone faces a criminal charge, they can feel as though their world is spinning out of control. However, good legal representation can anchor you during troubling times, and set you on the right path. If you need to find a Chilliwack criminal lawyer, look to Jaswal & Krueger to defend you throughout your case and protect your rights.

Punjabi speaking lawyers are available

Who is the Best Criminal Lawyer in Canada?

When you need representation at any level of the Court in British Columbia, the Jaswal & Krueger defence lawyers in Chilliwack are there by your side. We have a compassionate team that ensures our clients receive the support they need when facing a criminal charge.

We’re always available to give a free initial consultation, provide advice, as well answer questions by phone or email. Our services are offered in several languages, including Punjabi.

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There are many law firms in Chilliwack, BC, and finding the right one for your situation is crucial. We recommend always interviewing with a few before making your choice. This way, you’ll be in the best position to find the right match. Finding an appropriate team to work with isn’t a simple transaction like choosing car insurance – creating a good personal connection with your lawyer is important. Speak with friends, family, and any lawyers you know to get recommendations prior to scheduling an appointment with the first law firm you find online.


Our Chilliwack lawyers will discuss your case wherever is most convenient for you, including at our offices. At our first meeting, clients typically outline their needs, and we then explain in detail how we intend to meet them. Additionally, we will discuss your budget. Chilliwack law firms often have an articled student who reviews cases under the lawyer’s supervision to provide a reduced rate, if that is your preference. This system allows clients to receive quality results without paying prices beyond their means.


Chilliwack criminal defence lawyers provide their clients with legal and in some ways, psychological protection. Because we act as the middleman between you and the police, insurance companies, medical staff, and other individuals, we allow you the space you need to focus on healing, or awaiting your court dates in peace.


From an assault lawyer to a DUI lawyer, Chilliwack residents can rest easy when they work with us. Our team conducts thorough investigations into the various aspects of each case. We consult with medical professionals, review surveillance and police reports, and speak with witnesses. We do extensive research to build a strong defence as well as prepare for possible arguments made by the Crown Counsel. It’s essential to be overly prepared in criminal law, and Jaswal & Krueger puts a premium on gathering all the information we can.


In court, your Chilliwack lawyer will defend your case while making arguments and poking holes in the Crown Counsel’scase. We are skilled in thinking fast and reducing penalties. Our criminal defence lawyers do their best to prevent a conviction, but if it happens, we can assist you through  an appeal.

Don’t wait to get a lawyer! Jaswal & Krueger are there for you whatever the case, from the initial arrest to your trial appearances to the appeal after your conviction.

Impaired Driving charges carry a mandatory minimum. We can help protect your driver’s license and avoid a criminal record.

From traffic court to roadside prohibitions, we can help with it all.

Simple assault to aggravated assault and murder, we can help you with any charge.

We can help avoid the stigma and lifelong consequences of being labeled a sex offender.

Domestic violence situations are complicated. We can help you deal with the consequences of your charges.

A conviction for drug offences often carries a potentially lengthy jail term. We can help!


When you work with our legal team, you won’t have to face the police, the prosecution, or the court without having an experienced criminal defence lawyer.

About Chilliwack Criminal Lawyers

Looking for reputable Chilliwack defence lawyers means asking them the right questions about their experience in criminal law, their specialities and their policies, including those related to confidentiality. Not all BC criminal lawyers can achieve the same degree of success, but the Jaswal & Krueger law firm stands out with a number of successful cases under our belt.

We handle:

  • DUI and other driving offences
  • Various types of assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug offences
  • Sex crimes
  • And others

Criminal Defence


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Criminal and Driving Law Specialist


Criminal Defence; Traffic Tickets; Driving Offences


When you work with our legal team, you won’t have to face the police, the prosecution or the court without having an experienced criminal defence lawyer.

“Mr Jaswal was fantastic. He was straight forward. He laid out what needed to be done. What he figured could be accomplished and came out with the best probable outcome. He was very professional, as well as kind and understanding. He is easy to talk to and will make you feel more comfortable going into court, knowing you are properly represented. Thank you for your service, I hope that I never need your services again, but if I do, I know where to go! I highly recommend Mr Aman Jaswal as your legal representative. He made this extremely difficult time in my life easier to cope with”


“Joshua Krueger provided extremely valuable and excellent legal guidance and services to me during a difficult time. I was happy to trust Mr. Krueger with my charges, and the outcome was extremely favourable because of his expertise. I felt comfortable asking him any questions and he explained all legal terms and situations very clearly. Mr. Krueger and his team respond to texts and emails quickly and are friendly and polite.”

R. K.

“I have had the privilege of having Joshua Krueger as an attorney in a situation I’d never thought I’d face. I found Joshua to be experienced, responsive, knowledgeable and honest. While working with Joshua, I felt as though my situation was in adept and trustworthy hands, and he did not steer me wrong. Joshua always made sure I was informed with any information I may need. He answered all emails right away or phone calls, never once had any issue with communication. Grateful to have had someone like Joshua and I would 100% recommend.”

L. P.

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Whether you hire us privately or we’re appointed by the government, Jaswal & Krueger’s team of lawyers value transparency, taking care of your legal needs, and bringing you peace of mind. Our extensive knowledge in criminal law has taught us that the average person needs a lawyer to win their case.

When you’re being charged for a crime, turn to us. Jaswal & Krueger helps people throughout BC, including Abbotsford, Franklin Valley, and Surrey.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free consultation, or view our testimonials to see why clients trust us to handle their legal matters.