When you need to get somewhere quickly and there is no other driving or transportation option, taking a taxi is your go-to mode of transport. In the last few years, however, ridesharing has gained popularity. Although the concept of carpooling has been around for decades, ridesharing is directly linked to customers using a smartphone app to arrange for a car service. Car services that are becoming well known are Uber and Lyft.

British Columbians are anxiously awaiting the ridesharing legislation that has been set for this coming fall. Residents have been talking about it ever since ridesharing was introduced to the province by the NDP Party in their election campaign.

How Ridesharing Will Help You

Ridesharing provides an economical and eco-friendly solution. By requesting a ride from a car service, you have the option to share it with other passengers heading in the same direction. Your group will split the cost of the fare, which will save you some pretty pennies and the environment will have benefitted from the presence of fewer cars.

Ridesharing is ideal when you don’t have access to your car and don’t want to lose time or money riding on public transportation. It’s a method that gets you from Point A to Point B quickly and safely. Ridesharing has implemented smart technologies that allow the driver to track your location so you don’t need to risk your safety, particularly in bad weather. Riders are also provided with their driver’s information, such as their name, license plate number, and photo, so you can pick them out on a busy street. With the ridesharing app, you can follow your course in real-time and access safety tools, including the car service’s driver screening procedures and insurance protection.

Ridesharing is used for multiple reasons, whether it be for a trip from the airport, returning home from work, or a food pickup. More importantly, ridesharing can be used as a preventive measure when you’ve had too much to drink or consumed a type of narcotic.

Driving under the influence puts your safety and the safety of others in jeopardy, resulting in a fatal outcome. Further consequences— if you are stopped by an officer—include paying a high fine and having an ignition interlock added to your car.

Surrey’s Adaption of Ridesharing

The Surrey Board of Trade has asked the B.C. government to get a move-on with their work on ridesharing. Because Surrey’s transportation is inadequate and the B.C. government will be breaking for the summer, the board is trying to speed up the process so they may implement ridesharing sooner. Their primary goal is to get an announcement from the provincial government, and they are hoping their call will instigate action.

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