BC Supreme Court Imposes Heavy Sentence in DUI Death of RCMP Officer

British Columbia’s DUI laws are some of the most stringent in Canada. Severe penalties will alter your life forever. As the case of Mr. Fenton lays bare, the Supreme Court of British Columbia won’t hesitate to impose harsh sentences despite mitigating factors.  A judgement posted by the Supreme Court of British Columbia was handed down [...]

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Legal Cannabis in B.C: 3 Questions That Need Answering

Ottawa has set the date, but they haven’t set the rules. With the provinces now responsible for administering the legal use of recreational cannabis, British Columbia needs to answer these three questions before our province can be certain that we’re ready.  July 1st, 2018—We know the date but we aren’t quite sure exactly how we’re [...]

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B.C Supreme Court Streamlines Complex Cases

After trial delays, judicial shortages, and accusations of a “culture of complacency” in terms of delays in criminal trials, both Ottawa and the provinces themselves have taken the initiative to change the way criminal trials are processed in Canada and create a more efficient judicial system.  One specific challenge within our province is the manner [...]

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