Crossing US Border with Criminal Record: Know Your Rights

Traveling to our neighbors to the south? Wondering if your criminal record will get you turned back? Find out which charges will prevent you from crossing and which shouldn’t be an issue Canadians have been visiting the USA in record numbers recently, with 2010 seeing a record-breaking 24.5 million same-day car trips across the border. [...]

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B.C Drunk Driving At Lowest Rate in a Decade

British Columbia has some of the strictest drunk driving laws in the nation, with penalties ranging from the immediate loss of your license and vehicle to heavy fines and responsible driving classes. The good news is that these strict laws and the hard work of advocacy groups seems to be paying off. According to recent [...]

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The Canadian Bar Association Finds B.C Courts Lagging Behind

A recent report from the CBA recommends the courts get more funding and staffing We would like to start by saying that the criminal justice system in British Columbia (and across Canada) has done a remarkable job in keeping Canada one of the world’s safest nations in which to live. We commend their work. That [...]

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